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Maffei & Co. is aware that all of its companies can only survive in the market in the long term if the best employees can be won. ​


This implies that Maffei & Co. cannot afford to consciously or unconsciously disadvantage or exclude certain groups. ​


Maffei & Co. wants to be perceived as a good and interesting employer. We are proud of every single employee!

Kommunikation durch Zeichen
  • Maffei & Co. pays particular attention to female founders when selecting its investments.

  • The youngest founder of a Maffei & Co. holding is under 30, the oldest is almost 80.

  • Maffei & Co. affiliated companies repeatedly win prizes such as the Eco-Performance Award.

  • Maffei & Co.'s investment prefers to employ long-term unemployed people who receive intensive support.

  • Maffei & Co.'s investments are not only located in large, hip centers, but also in medium-sized and small towns.

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