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Wurzeln & Werte


Sustainability in the ecological, social and economic sense is not a fashionable phenomenon at Maffei & Co. but has been the company philosophy for 20 years. Therefore, Maffei & Co. has a unique network as well as a lot of know-how in this sector.


"Entrepreneurship" comes from entreprendre: to undertake and not to refrain from. In this sense, Maffei & Co. is breaking new ground - even if there is a risk that this may not always lead to the desired goal.


At Maffei & Co., long-term cooperation based on trust always takes precedence over short-term profit maximisation. Especially with entrepreneurs, "You always meet twice in a lifetime".


Without trust in employees, suppliers, partners and stakeholders, a value-oriented company like Maffei & Co. could not be run.


Maffei & Co. has great respect for diversity: the aim is to combine different skills, experiences, wishes, goals, ideas and much more in a creative mix - or sometimes just leave it at that.


Entrepreneurs, not managers, work at Maffei & Co. Due to the direct link between personal and corporate success, there is a perfect alignment of interests.

Dynamism & long-termism:

These two points, which seem contradictory at first glance, are deliberately combined: Maffei & Co. seeks a middle way between dynamism (without hectic) and long-termism (without rigidity), especially in innovative markets.

If you want to know where these roots & values come from, take a look at History & Name.

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