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Reisen ins Ausland

The growing tourism industry is currently undergoing two fundamental changes: On the one hand, the desire of many customers for convincing sustainability in travel is growing, and on the other hand, digitalisation is playing an ever greater and success-critical role.

In concrete terms, this means that there will be more focus on quality rather than quantity and more emphasis on truly exceptional experiences.

A group of investors around Maffei & Co. and Dr. Frank Mair, founder of Lios Ventures GmbH and formerly Managing Director Digital of the MAIRDUMONT Group, known for travel guides such as Marco Polo, has acquired Terraplan Reisen AG, founded in 2001, in 2022. The new parent company is terraplan GmbH.

The aim of the group is to exploit the growth opportunities in the specialist tour operator segment as well as the opportunities of digitalisation, as the needs of travellers have changed significantly in recent years:

In particular, the desire for "special travel experiences" has grown. This trend is primarily served by special tour operators with their particular expertise in certain regions or for special interests.

As its first new investment, the terraplan Group acquired Meine Welt Reisen GmbH, Leipzig, a specialist tour operator for group tours and individual tours in Asia and Africa. This complements the offerings of Terraplan Reisen AG, such as Vingouri, a specialist for wine tours.


Sector: Tourism

Office: München

Maffei & Co. shareholding since: 2022


Participation rate: 39%


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