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Green Thread

As a committed investor and owner of numerous companies of different sizes and stages of development, Maffei & Co. strives to be a good and reliable corporate citizen and to contribute to sustainable development. In our role as owner, we have the greatest influence through the capital we provide as well as the active ownership role.


With the "Green Thread", we pursue a structured sustainability approach that we develop individually together with the portfolio companies.


The focus areas vary depending on the industry, the stage of development and the risks and opportunities relevant to each company. Examples of focus areas can be production, supplier management, energy efficiency and diversity.


Our sustainability work as a company


Maffei & Co. also works continuously as a company to improve its social, environmental and economic impact.


This includes a variety of measures, starting with the use of green electricity in the offices, to not using company cars, to doing business trips by train. If a flight cannot be avoided, it is made climate neutral.


Furthermore, we strive to take a commercial rather than a fiscal approach to our business activities.


Through our memberships, we support organisations that contribute to the development of society and entrepreneurship.


As an employer, Maffei & Co. focuses on creating an open and inclusive work environment where ethical behaviour and respect for each individual are crucial.

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