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The division Maffei Finance represents the shareholdings in Finance & Loyalty companies. 


Maffei Ventures GmbH is responsible within Maffei & Co. for investment management in start-up and growth companies. It manages its own investments as well as investments in trust for third parties. The prerequisite for all investments is a positive social and/or ecological impact, which must also be concretely nameable.

Maffei Ventures GmbH specialises in BtoB and BtoBtoC business models with target companies throughout Europe; classic BtoC concepts are only pursued in exceptional cases when special competences are available on the part of Maffei Ventures. With its entrepreneurial approach, Maffei Ventures does not shy away from investments that are in a crisis situation as long as the business model is fundamentally intact.

Investments are usually managed and developed in cooperation with GmbH (management consulting) and/or Communicatio GmbH (technology). Maffei Ventures GmbH is thus much closer to the investee companies than is the case with traditional VC investors via an advisory board seat. 

Maffei Ventures GmbH offers external investors the opportunity to either have existing investments managed, supervised and - if necessary - developed by Maffei Ventures or to participate in the entire portfolio in the sense of risk diversification. This is particularly interesting for medium-sized (family) companies that do not want to set up their own investment management but would still like to benefit from an organised exchange of know-how and cooperation with young companies.

The track record of Maffei Ventures (or its predecessor) in recent years speaks for itself: companies, some of which have been actively supported from the start-up, now have valuations in the single or double-digit millions.

Maffei Ventures GmbH currently holds investments in Aria Networks Ltd, Bath/GB (planning and optimisation of telecom networks based on AI), Adaptive Balancing Power GmbH, Darmstadt/D (energy storage solutions based on flywheel technology) or ysura GmbH, Munich/D (SaaS solutions for pharmaceutical companies).


Hakisa SAS was founded in 2011 by Eric Gehl and Olivier Audouze in Strasbourg, followed in 2017 by the German Hakisa GmbH in Kehl and Schwabach (near Nuremberg) as a 100% subsidiary.

With HAKISA COMMUNITY, Hakisa offers technology for local, individualised neighbourhood platforms as central building blocks for analogue and digital networking. They map the neighbourhood's togetherness and its own local providers in a secure and low-threshold way. Everyone has access to social participation. The use of digital tools enables new concepts, processes and cooperation structures for welfare associations, NGOs and cities and municipalities.

On the other hand, with HAKISA PAYMENT, Hakisa enables welfare organisations and NGOs to fully digitalise their cash registers and the associated processes; this solution was developed in cooperation with the financial service provider Mastercard. This significantly optimises and secures the disbursement and accounting processes of charities and NGOs.

Grünkauf is the leading loyalty system in the sustainable sector with more than 120 partners in Germany and Austria. ​


Based on the “LoyaltyNetwork” technology from Communicatio GmbH, customers can collect bonus points from sustainable stationary and online stores and redeem them with pleasure. There are also vouchers, coupons, etc.

Maffei Ventures
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