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Business Model

The USP: Management + Capital + Technology

Maffei & Co. is an active management holding company and differs from a classic investment company in that not only capital is invested, but that Maffei & Co. accompanies and develops its participations very closely with the further core skills of management and technology.

Maffei & Co. acts as a specialist for customised transformation programs with the aim of increasing the value of the company and combines its family business structure with competencies in the areas of sustainability and digitalisation.

By investing equity, Maffei & Co. remains independent, can invest in "special opportunities" and accompany them or build up its own companies. Equity financing for investments guarantees transaction security and uncomplicated processing. Bringing along financing" is an important bracket, especially in complex value enhancement projects in difficult corporate times.



Maffei & Co. makes equity-financed direct investments with a focus on start-ups or scale-ups or medium-sized companies with improvement potential or entrepreneurial challenges. The companies are bundled under the umbrella of individual theme holdings, resulting in clear added value for all. 

All new participations have links to other companies in the portfolio and naturally fulfil the sustainability criteria of Maffei & Co.

With its family equity model, Maffei & Co. pursues a long-term investment strategy. To this end, the entrepreneurial approach combines the injection of fresh capital with management resources and technology expertise.

Above-average, sustainable returns

By combining capital with management and technology and embedding it in an entrepreneurial eco-system, Maffei & Co. can provide tailor-made concepts for companies in special situations. This usually leads to an above-average increase in value compared to a pure capital investment.

But a second aspect is important: normally a holding company makes a loss through administration; this must be covered by the operative subsidiaries. However, Maffei & Co. is itself operationally involved in the management of the group companies and earns its costs just like the other strategic investments. The actual return, however, is achieved through the increase in value of the subsidiaries.

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