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Communicatio GmbH

The strategic investments of Maffei & Co. comprise business divisions or wholly-owned subsidiaries which, with their cross-sectional functions, both support group-owned companies and offer their services to third parties.

logo-mpartners-neu.png GmbH, based in Munich with an office in Stuttgart, is a strategic management consultancy focusing on 2nd Chance, 2nd Life and 2nd Generation Business: maintains and renews companies and investment portfolios. Thus, alternatives for entrepreneurs (families), investors and asset managers of investments and SMEs in special situations are developed and implemented.

With core competencies in business models, sales and marketing in digitalisation and sustainability, takes on the entrepreneurial responsibility as well as the financial risk for transformation processes and turnarounds.

Example: 2nd Chance

The German start-up eco-system has many young companies whose position can be described as stuck in the middle: Between failure and hockey-stick performance, there is no real progress in any direction, partly due to:

  • a high share of state financing in the seed phase,

  • a lack of 2nd chance culture and

  • lack of alternatives via secondary marketers. offers investors (business angels, family offices, SMEs), investment managers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to breathe new life into the investment company in this special situation or to set a new direction by

  • rethinking the business model from the customer's point of view (benefit-centric instead of feature-centric) and initiating a corresponding pivot (turnaround),

  • implementing the turnaround with interim management and its own development resources,

  • establishes sales channels with sales and marketing professionals,

  • takes over shares and looks for synergies with other eco-systems and

  • in combination with return-oriented private equity, strives for a possible IPO.

What distinguishes

  •  strong track record,

  • experienced group of entrepreneurs with a lot of practical experience, empathy and authenticity,

  •  resilient, scalable network of supporters, companies, universities and institutions,

  • part of the Maffei group of companies with a unique combination of entrepreneurship, technology and capital, as well as

  • methodologies and tools for business support and entrepreneurship mentoring.

Communicatio GmbH, based in Munich, has specialised in the planning, implementation and operation of complex and highly secure online data applications in the BtoB and BtoBtoC sectors for more than 20 years.

In doing so, it covers the entire value chain: In addition to consulting, conception, realisation, hosting and permanent support of online and IT applications, Communicatio GmbH also develops its own technology products.

A special feature of Communicatio GmbH is that IT platforms in the BtoB as well as in the BtoBtoC area are also operated permanently as a white label, including its own customer centre.


In the loyalty sector, Communicatio GmbH not only has its own technology for bonus systems in the form of LoyaltyNetwork, but also a network of more than 1,000 corporate partners that are technically integrated into the core system. In this way, loyalty projects such as bonus, voucher or cashback systems can be implemented very quickly and cost-effectively.

Long-standing references for the company's own LoyaltyNetwork product include the conception, implementation and ongoing operation of the "Vorteilswelt" within the Vitality programme of the Generali insurance group in several European countries as well as the conception, implementation and operation of the sustainable bonus system Grünkauf.

Communicatio GmbH often acts together with its sister companies Maffei Ventures GmbH and/or GmbH and takes on the technical part for StartUp and growth companies.
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